GHP Welcome Party for 2022 Cohorts

This year has been the 4th year for the Global Health Program at the College of Public Health. 10 new master students have been enrolled this semester, and GHP especially held a welcome party for these new members. In this event, GHP not only invited all faculty members and students to participate, but we also specially invited our alumni to share their experiences about how to find supervisors and how to decide the direction of dissertation research. By alum sharing, the new cohort could have a preliminary concept about how to prepare for their thesis in the future. In addition, we also invited two international freshmen who are enrolled in the Master Program of Public Health this semester to participate in our party so that international students from different departments and institutes of CPH could have the chance to communicate and interact. Taking this opportunity, we also invited Dr. Po-Han Lee and Dr. JhuCin (Rita) Jhang, who are in charge of the "Inclusion-Diversity-Equality Initiative Project" in the CPH, to introduce the content of this project in the hope that more students could participate and lead InDiE-relevant activities in the future. Finally, GHP cooperated with the Medical Library to arrange a guided tour for our faculty members and students to see what NTU library resources they could use. The Medical Library was completely renovated this summer. During the tour, all our faculty members and students were surprised by the diversity and innovation of the facilities and spaces, which are well-designed for users of the library. The medical library tour left a deep impression on the students, and it is expected to be a regular event in the future, so that all the new cohorts can have the chance to know more about what NTU resources they could make good use of. 

The Group Photo of 2022 GHP Welcome Party

Experience Sharing by GHP alumni, Yang-Shen and Elo

GHP faculty members and students visit Medical Library